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           My family has been in the art show business for nearly half a century now, and as such I got started as an artist at a young age. After finishing my undergraduate degree at Grand Valley State University I had a decision to make that would greatly influence my life, do I work in the academic arena or try and make my living as a painter. After my first summer season I knew there was enough interest in my work to make painting my career. By the time I was working as a full time painter I realized just how deeply passionate I was about almost every aspect of art. I love making rich buttery paints, planning compositions, and doing exhibitions themselfs. I now spend the majority of my time preparing and traveling across the country to do exhibitions of my work.



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            My work focuses on two dimensional fine art. Like the old masters I start from raw pigments, binders, and other mediums to tailor each paint recipe to the specific project series I am working on. Making my own paint from scratch allows me to create unique effects. Surface preparation of gesso or size is also made from original recipes that strengthen the paper, create a rough structured surface, or selectively alter absorbency among many possibilities depending on the series I am working on. I have studied many different styles of painting and sometimes incorporate a particular movement within a specific series. After I have gone to the location or have the photograph I am working from, and have chosen a direction on the theme for the series I start with two small sketches. One sketch helps in determining the basic value and line structure, and the other in determining basic color tone. The studio work starts with a light sketch on the larger surface, followed by a simplified under-painting. The over-painting is done in deep darks with heavy pigment load. The last step is highlights and alterations to strengthen the composition. Some paintings especially ones involving structured surfaces require additional steps but this is the basic process. After the painting is completed I carefully choose a frame moulding and mat combination that will accentuate the subject, both of which I make myself.


          If you have any questions I regularly chat with customers about developing two dimensional works and the adventure of doing exhibitions at each and every art show. I would love to see you at any of the shows listed at the top of the page under show schedule. Thank you for being part of the wonderful community of art enthusiasts.

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